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Chef Showdown

Chef Showdown at Wein & Saengerfest

The friendliest rivalry in town! Watch amateur chef teams compete to create the best dishes from a mystery basket of ingredients.

All rounds are held at the Mill Street Stage with celebrity judge Chef Brad Sorenson. Chef Showdown is sponsored by Arlan’s Market.

  • ROUND ONE 1:30PM
  • ROUND TWO 3:30PM


Amateur Chef Competition

Saturday, May 6, 2017

This is a popular event at Wein and Saengerfest that you won’t want to miss!

The showdown pits six amateur competitors against each other in two heats (two chefs per heat.) Each team is asked to prepare a dish using a gas grill to cook mystery ingredients in twenty minutes. Teams have access to a common pantry to complete their meals. Dishes are judged on taste, creativity, presentation, wine pairing and performance under pressure.

Compete with other amateur chefs to show off your culinary skills, creativity and passion for food and wine.


  • Applications must be received by April 21st, 2017.
  • All chefs must not currently work in a professional kitchen.
  • Teams must use every ingredient in the mystery basket.

Chefs will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Taste (15 points)
  • Creativity (10 points)
  • Dish Presentation (10 points)
  • Wine Pairing (10 points)
  • Performance Under Pressure (5 points)
  • Cleanliness (5 points)


  • A team is comprised of one chef and their chosen sous chef.
  • The Chef Showdown will pit eight competitors against each other in two heats (four teams per heat).
  • Winners from each heat will compete in the final Showdown.
  • Chefs will be given a mystery basket of ingredients (including wine) and access to a shared pantry.
  • Chefs will have 20 minutes to prepare a dish complementing the mystery wine.
  • Chefs will prepare dishes using a propane grill with a side burner.
  • Chefs should bring their own pots, pans, bowls, knife, cutting board, tongs, spatula and towel.

Download Chef Showdown Application. Limited teams spots available. Apply today

Where do the Wine Tasting & Breweries Proceeds Go?

Proceeds from wine tasting sales benefit the New Braunfels Parks Foundation and brewers' sales benefit the historical downtown New Braunfels.

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  • $2 Additional Single Tasting


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Download Application for the Chef Showdown